Soldier Life Made More Like Home With Northland

Soldier Life Made More Like Home With Northland

Life in the military, while rewarding for its opportunity to serve our country, has its difficulties. For many soldiers, living on base comes with its own set of challenges.

One of these challenges comes with living in the barracks. Outdated furniture that’s in need of replacing can make day-to-day living uncomfortable for the modern soldier. For those men and women separated from their families, having some comforts of home can soften that distance.

While seemingly simple, new furniture for military applications shows the soldier living in the barracks a genuine concern for their well-being. As part of enhancing morale, an infantry division recently worked to improve the quality of life for its soldiers by bringing in new furniture and other amenities to the battalion barracks. Following the install, a soldier stated “I wasn’t aware they were going to do this for us. You can tell that they really care about our well-being.” Sometimes, even the simplest acts can have profound effects.

Bases Are Often Looking to Improve Quality of Life

Military bases are often looking to improve quality of life for their soldiers and families. Also, furniture improvements go a long way towards that goal, and Northland Furniture can help.

Whether you’re looking for an extra long table for a new conference room, furnishings for offices or beds for the barracks, Northland can build the furniture you need. Don’t be concerned if you don’t see something you want in the collections we offer.. Our designers and craftsmen can create furniture uniquely designed for your specifications. We enjoy being creative and are excited to expand on our custom commercial furniture options.

Custom Furniture for Military Housing

Contact Northland for more information about custom furniture design for military housing. Whether you want to customize items within our collections or work with us to create something truly unique, we have the skill and creativity to build furniture that your soldiers will love for many years to come.