Start Planning to Update Hotel Furniture Before the Busy Tourism Season Begins

Start Planning to Update Hotel Furniture Before the Busy Tourism Season Begins

If your guest rooms are starting to look a little tired, making a plan to update hotel furniture before the high tourist season arrives will benefit the bottom line and your guests. Hotel owners and hospitality industry experts agree, the average lifespan of soft goods—upholstered furniture that includes sofas, chairs, and ottomans—is around seven years. Hard goods, referred to as casegoods by hospitality professionals, typically last considerably longer. Especially furniture manufactured to exacting and high-quality standards.

The lifespan of a guest room furnishings and lobby furniture, whether referring to its carpets, curtains, casegoods, or bathroom fixtures, generally depends on where the property is located as well as the types of clientele the establishment serves.

High-end luxury properties and boutique hotels typically update hotel furniture with high-quality pieces and finishes in their guest rooms and lobbies. Moreover, luxury properties may have fewer guests with longer stays. Whereas budget-friendly hotel brands see a higher turnover of guests, often with children and pets. All of which can create more wear and tear on guest rooms and furniture.

Are your hotel rooms looking a little tired?

Design trends in the hospitality industry enjoy a rich history; the age of the ‘grand hotel,’ lasted from around 1860 to 1960. These opulent estates-like properties commonly featured more than 500 rooms, and guests were primarily the rich and famous. In the 1950s, a Texan named Conrad Hilton decided to build hotels that gave rise to name-brand chains and as the saying goes—the rest is history.

Northland is a Pacific Northwest company manufacturing custom, quality furniture for hotels, lodges, and resorts for more than 40 years. It could be said, we’ve seen trends come and go in the hospitality industry. Today’s hotel interior design trends primarily center around convenience, comfort, and aesthetics. Not only do our designers stay up-to-date on hospitality trends, our builders incorporate best practices into our manufacturing processes. For example, support components are built into Northland furniture to prevent sagging over time.

3 Tips on how to ensure your renovations are successful

  1. Hire a hospitality interior designer or architect to help you specify FF&E (furniture, fixtures, and equipment).
  2. Ensure that design concepts are reflective of your hotel’s brand as well as its customers.
  3. If your property is smaller or you are planning to refresh rooms with new carpet and furnishings, choose a hospitality furniture company like Northland in Bend, Oregon, to help you design custom pieces or select the right furniture and finishes from our lines.

Choosing high quality, durable pieces that will withstand the test of time, will help to keep your hotel guest rooms looking updated and fresh for years to come. Northland takes every detail into consideration and manufacturers casegoods with components made from solid and engineered wood. We work with hotel owners, managers, interior designers, architects, and other stakeholders who are involved with your renovation project.

Update hotel furniture during your next renovation, which can be guest friendly with a little planning

When it comes time to renovate your hotel rooms, a little planning will go a long way in keeping your guests happy and undisturbed.

  • Make a plan for how and when the renovation will proceed that includes the general manager, the property manager, and the construction company’s general contractor.
  • Guide hotel staff on their important role of keeping guests comfortable. Employees are ideally situated to communicate the new changes to visitors in a positive way.
  • Create quiet hours and a buffer zone for guests, so guests don’t see construction zones near their rooms or be disturbed by loud equipment
  • Let guests know renovations are underway and when and if they might hear equipment during daytime hours (most guests leave their rooms for several hours a day and won’t mind daytime noise)

Here at Northland, we understand that undertaking a renovation no matter how big or small is a financial responsibility. It’s why we are dedicated to crafting timeless designs into our furniture alongside the ability to customize specifications. We are here to help you and your team update hotel furniture in your guestrooms. From durable custom designs to modern-day amenities like built-in lighting and electrical ports, Northland manufacturers casegoods to meet your requirements.