Benefits of Water-Based Paints and Stains for Hospitality Casegoods

Benefits of Water-Based Paints and Stains for Hospitality Casegoods

There are many hospitality casegoods manufacturers in the world, which makes it difficult to differentiate. What makes one better than the other? One of the best ways to differentiate between hospitality casegoods manufacturers is to look at their production practices. Are they using paints and stains that are environmentally friendly? It’s important to both the environment and your guests to find hospitality casegood manufacturers that use water-based paints and stains instead of more toxic paints that are mixed with turpentine.

Environmentally Friendly Hospitality Casegoods

At Northland Furniture, we use water-based paints and stains for our hospitality casegoods. It’s important to us to use environmentally friendly products when crafting the furniture that will be gracing the rooms of your hotels, lodges and cabins. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the water-based paints and stains we use have other benefits, which are important when the time eventually comes to do touchups.

  • Water-based paints and stains keep their color longer than oil-based alternatives
  • No harmful odors or fumes can be expected from water-based paints and they aren’t flammable
  • Water-based paints and stains dry quickly
  • Easier cleanup using only soap and water
  • Mildew and mold resistant
  • Water-based paints provide a richer hue of color for a longer period of time

Non-toxic, water-based paints and stains reduce landfill, groundwater and ozone depleting contaminants. Environmentally friendly paints and stains like those used by Northland Furniture are easy to cleanup and disposal is greatly simplified, which makes it better for the earth and our environment.

Using a hospitality casegoods manufacturer that uses water-based paints has additional benefits for the environment compared to overseas suppliers. Buying hospitality casegoods from an American-based company means when you need touch up materials they won’t need to be shipped further. Choosing a hospitality casegoods manufacturer in the US cuts down on transportation costs and pollution, which is better for the environment.

Choose hospitality casegoods manufacturers that use water-based paints and stains, which are environmentally friendly. Contact Northland Furniture for more information.