What Our Customers are Saying

Whispering Woods, Welches, Oregon

“Once again, Northland has done an outstanding job for us. Our furniture arrived last Friday and our movers were here to start installing it as they unloaded it from the truck. From beginning to end, you and your team continue to exceed our expectations as you help to transform our property with beautiful new furniture. We have been doing this since 1981, so you might think it is “old hat” by now. To the contrary, I get excited every time I see new furniture arrive. The latest design is outstanding. Our two Boards, our Management Company, our Guests and our staff just love it. One of the best parts of this whole process is that the ‘old’ Northland Furniture isn’t going to a landfill. Many of our staff members have it in their homes and many of our unit owners have it in a vacation home or in another family member’s home. We even have a few of our whole owner (non-timeshare) units still using the original pieces from 1981, and they are in great shape after 28 years. The saddest part is that we have refurnished nearly every unit over the past two years and we won’t need to buy any new furniture for a while. In the mean time, it would be my pleasure to encourage anyone considering furniture for their property or facility renovation to use Northland Furniture.”

~Pat Easterbrooks, General Manager

Westover Inns, Lincoln City, Oregon

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased with are with the furniture you made for us at Pelican Shores Inn. Everything came in perfect shape, according to all drawings and plans. It was amazing to get new furniture that was clean, dust-free and ready for rooms. We appreciated that. So far we haven’t found any pieces that need fixing or refinishing. So thank you so much for providing quality pieces, with no surprises! We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Northland to others in the future. ”

~Sue Weakley

Escape Lodging

“We first worked with Northland Furniture to develop a custom furniture line. We got exactly the look we were going for – a warm, traditional, comfortable lodge experience that our guests love. The furniture has lasted beautifully for over nine years, as has our great relationship with Northland. We just completed our second installation with them, and know that this newest line will also serve us well for many years to come.”

~Tom Drumheller, Escape Lodging, Owner and Oregon Restaurant Association, Chair of the Board of Directors

“The quality I value most about Northland Furniture is their integrity. Having worked in the hospitality industry for many years, I truly appreciate companies that tell me the truth, even when it’s not good news. I also love their consistent “can do” attitude, and willingness to help find solutions. It’s a win-win relationship for us!”

Diane Boller, ASID
Interior Designer