Why Buy From Custom Oregon Furniture Manufacturers

Why Buy From Custom Oregon Furniture Manufacturers

‘Made in the USA’ has always been a slogan proudly displayed by manufacturing companies in America. Everything from textiles to custom Oregon furniture manufacturers, are designed, engineered, produced and shipped from America. At Northland, we’re proud to be a custom Oregon furniture manufacturer that completes all of our projects in Bend, Oregon, with locally sourced materials.

Benefits to Buying From Oregon Furniture Manufacturers

When sourcing furniture for your new hotel, senior living facility, college dormitory or mountain lodge, many options lay in front of you. When looking for the most inexpensive option, many companies will go with a furniture manufacturer from overseas, primarily China and Vietnam. While this purchase may initially seems like the least expensive route, it often ends up costing you more in the long run.

Packaging, Handling & Freight

Transportation and handling play a large role in the decision to buy from Oregon furniture manufacturers. Shipping and handling costs from Asia paired with the wait at customs and the limitations on freight and delivery options mean you’ll be paying handsomely for inexpensive furniture. Additionally, it usually take up to three months to receive orders from outside of the United States.


As a custom Oregon furniture manufacturer, we’re responsive and quick. If disaster strikes your hotel – be it a fire or a destructive rock band, we have the capability to turn around custom furniture quickly. It’s important to us to help you in your time of need as quickly as possible. Getting replacement furniture from the manufacturer you choose overseas could mean another three month wait. Why wait when you get your replacement furniture instantly?

Storage and Assembly

Many large hotels replace and furnish their rooms by floor. When you choose Oregon furniture manufacturers like Northland, you’ll be able to do this easily as we have the ability to build and store furniture until you’re ready for it. Place your entire order and then make replacements by floor while we store the pieces you aren’t ready for yet. This convenience is unheard of outside of America. Get what you want, when you want it with Northland Furniture.

When it comes to choosing between custom Oregon furniture manufacturers and a company overseas, consider the extra costs and inconveniences that aren’t immediately visible with the non-American made option. Northland Furniture builds high-quality, durable commercial furniture in Bend, Oregon.